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Let's construct our materials for physics education worth to learn!

  1. impossible_figures made_by_Penrose
  2. "Ames room"
  3. Anamorphosis
  4. Hands-made_musical_instruments

presented in ICPEC 2001 in KOREA
Hu_Tiang_TODA as a member of Stray Cats
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(1) Impossible figures made by Penrose

If you see the object with your own eyes, you can get what it is soon.
But at first I show our students the photographic evidence and then let them guess the 3-dimensional shape from the photo.
Please guess the shape, you too. We re-cognize what the object is by seeing it.
The light comes from the 3-dimensional world into our eyes and it focus the image on the retina.
We can think it as a problem of optics.
It is a wonder that we can get informations of 3-D world from that of 2-D.
It is only one image that light focus on the retino in our eyes,
 when we look at a 3-D object from one view point. 
But inversely there are infinitive 3-D objects which focus one image on the retina.
I began this demonstration experiment for I wanted to make it clear.
Various kinds of objects can focus the same image on the retina.
I made the object and the picture for them to think about it.

(2) "Ames' room"

I have known "Ames' room" in "Intelligent eyes" writen by R. L. Gregory, but I have not been to able to try making it. The other day I found it in the program "Let's try every experiment" NHK Education TV program in Japan. As I could get the sketch of concrete production by fax., at once I tried to make one in imitation of the sketch. They say imitation is not good, but I don't think so. In Japanese language the source of the word "learn" is "imitate". Whenever we want to make anything, we imitate something and think it out. In the imitation we always develope it up to the new stage. In my imitation of "Ames' room", I found that we can get the same image on the retina from various kinds of curved wall. In my imitation I could get one more idea. If we put a one-board video camara at the view point, we can show all of them the effects by only one apparatus. Although the structure is bent ,we see the same image inthe retina with that of a square room.
When we take a picture of it, we can get the same photo with that of a square room. Let's put three dolls of the same size in this time shown in the figure, and we can see a strange scene. Please look at it with your own eyes.

(3) Anamorphosis

use only the law of light reflection, but most of them are willing to draw
anamorphosis. Simple works will do. They can get the law in simple works.

(4) hand-made musical instrument

siren instrument

What determine the musical scale ?
We explain the principle of pitches in our book
"Lively Physics and Exciting Exreriments". I would like to let all students make instrumennts
by their own hands.

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